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Time Marches On

Somehow, I lost two months of time. I can’t believe I haven’t updated this blog since February. They say time flies when you are having fun. This is true for children. When you are old — time just flies.

The snow and ice finally melted away in March, but the cold air lingered on for way too long, and much of April was spent still wearing our heavy winter coats. This week upcoming week might actually mark the true start to Spring. I think it’ll be the first week with the high temps predicted to be in the high 60s/low 70s nearly every day.

Enough about the weather. Everyone is doing all right. Evan marked a major milestone with the loss of his first tooth (as of this post, he’s actually lost two). He was very excited to put his tooth under his pillow and see what the tooth fairy brought him. Well, the tooth fairy couldn’t find his tooth (and I can attest that she tried very very hard to do so), so the next morning all Evan got was a note explaining that she couldn’t find it and would try again the next day. Turns out his tooth ended up quite a ways down towards the foot of the bed. So the next night, we left a note for the tooth fairy under his pillow and told her she could find Evan’s tooth in a cup on his nightstand. That worked out MUCH better.

We’ve heard that the going rate for teeth is $5 these days (we’ve come a long way since the days when I was young and all I got was a quarter). Our tooth fairy didn’t get that memo, however, and decided to bring special gold dollar coins. Evan received the George Washington coin for his first tooth, and the Abraham Lincoln coin for his second. He didn’t seem too pleased by this, however. We’ll see if that trend continues.

Evan continues to make progress with his karate (he’s a junior brown belt now). He also started baseball this season. He’s by far the shortest and youngest and least coordinated on the team, but he has made great progress. I love how the coaches have been so patient with him and have taken time to show him the proper way to hit/throw. They are also very good about cheering him on whenever he does something good. Even the coaches from the other team have taken time out to practice with him. We’ll see if he wants to keep up with it next year.

Erin celebrated a milestone birthday on April 15. I still can’t believe she’s 5 already. I took a few days off the week prior to her birthday and we went to a place called “Sweet and Sassy” where she could get her hair and nails done. She was a bit shy (I think she would have liked it more if she had other friends with her) but she was definitely a fan and has asked me a few times now to take her back. She had a fairly low-key birthday. On her actual birthday, she just wanted McDonalds. Gotta love kids that are easy to please. That following weekend we invited the cousins over. A good time was had by all.


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