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Years Go By…

Good-bye to 2013:

2013 was a year of transition. Not good. Not bad. Just different. A few things worth mentioning:

– We finally had professional photos taken of the family.




– Just when I began to think that Erin would NEVER be potty-trained, she impressed us all by becoming day-time potty-trained in a weekend and night-time potty-trained in about a week. We have said good-bye to diapers for good! (And I am saving a bundle on diapers and wipes!)

– We got rid of all of our strollers! Plenty of kids much older than Erin still get pushed around in strollers by their mommies – but Erin proved she was made of hearty stuff when she lasted nearly all day at Disney without a stroller when she was only 2. She wants nothing to do with strollers again…

– After a few rough starts, Evan finally learned to ride a bike without training wheels, and Erin learned to ride a bike with training wheels.


– JP said good-bye to his big corporate job and Sony and headed back to the start-up would with Adaptly.

– I published my first book and the sequel is now in the hands of my trusted editor.

– Evan graduated pre-school and started Kindergarten. Despite being one of the youngest and smallest in his class (if not his entire grade) – he is doing great!



– Evan learned to write. Technically speaking, Evan has been writing his name for some time…but now he’s writing complete sentences. If only he could figure out how to write neatly…

– Evan also learned to read. While he still gets frustrated that he doesn’t know how to read EVERY would, Evan now breezes through books that used to frustrate him at the beginning of the year.

– Evan did soccer in the fall (he was tentative at first but ended up doing great once he met some friends…he’d do even better with some kicking practice). He started Karate in November and LOVES it.

– Erin started dance class (tap and ballet) and seems to enjoy it. She continues to display her love for music and signing. Good thing we live so close to Broadway.


Hello to 2014:

So far the new year is not off to the best start. My grandfather was placed in hospice on New Year’s Day and died last Sunday, January 5, after a long struggle with congestive heart failure and kidney disease. He was a large presence in my life and his passing has left a large hole, but I take comfort in knowing he is no longer in pain. RIP Grandaddy!

10578056234_bccca83404Grammy and Grandaddy 2012

Kids and Great Grandparents 12-201210576847813_9d2675a834

The entire family went down to Florida for the funeral, and despite the sad circumstances, we enjoyed seeing family members and friends that we had not seen in some time. My kids were quite the troopers. They were well-behaved (for the most part) despite long days with no naps. We ended the stay on a high note with a little trip to Disney World (THANK YOU, FRAN!). Evan was finally tall enough to go on Thunder Mountain (he loved it!), and Erin was excited to see some Princesses (though she was too shy to actually pose with them).

photo 2photo 1

photo 2photo 1


Wishing you all Happy New Year!

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