Finally settled in to Rumson NJ

There are no words

I raise my white flag and surrender to the fates that have taken over my crazy life.

Updates on JP and Me:
– I found out that a friend from middle school/high school was killed by her estranged husband a few weeks ago. He was abusive and she had recently filed for divorce. He stabbed her to death in the parking garage at her work. She leaves behind 5 children, including 3 still in elementary school. RIP Casey (Nelson) Wilsey, your beautiful life came to an end far too soon :(

– So my trusted editor, who did fabulous work for me on the first book, went MIA. Her edits on the sequel were promised “no later than January 20”. I never received anything from her, nor did she respond to any of my emails or voice mails. It is so out of character for her…I can only imagine that something must have happened in her personal life. Anyway, I have found a new (very responsive!) editor…and now The Dungeons of Cetahl is on track to be published by the end of this month (fingers crossed).

– After years of thinking about it, I finally had Lasik done. I doubt I ever would have gone through with the procedure had I not moved to NJ. I never really had any trouble with my contacts until I moved here. I finally had enough of the constant red eyes and infections…and decided to get rid of contacts for good. Everyone I know who had the procedure raved about it. Things I learned: (1) Valium is wasted on me; (2) I am one of the “lucky” people who could actually FEEL the cutting into my cornea (I think the numbing drops hadn’t fully taken effect yet); (3) I am still so happy I finally did it…I CAN SEE! My vision is 20/20 for the first time since I was 13.

– Last Friday night (actually it was Saturday morning at 3:30 AM), I awoke to the sound of beeping. For those of you who have been to our house, you know that it “beeps” three times whenever a door or window is opened. At first I thought I just imagined it, but I noticed Madison perked up in bed, too. I nudged JP…he heard it, too. He hopped out of bed (in his boxers) and went racing down stairs looking for intruders. He ran around, turning on all the lights and grabbed a golf club for protection. He checked every door and window. Nothing. Eventually we determined that it was a smoke detector with a dying battery. Why do they always die in the middle of the night?? And no, we did not really get back to sleep after that. Sigh.

– Yes, I am still in mourning from the Super Bowl. Seattle was the better team. Obviously. Oh well, on to next year.

– For the third time this year, I had to shovel snow out of our driveway. Monday’s snow was a wet, heavy snow, and I did not enjoy it. Fortunately, my kind neighbors stopped by and gave me a hand. Otherwise, I think I would still be out there shoveling. I am SO ready for spring.

Updates on Evan and Erin:
– Evan passed his karate test and is now in a “junior yellow belt”.

– Both Evan and Erin swam across the pool (unassisted) for the first time since they started taking swimming lessons at the YMCA. The weekly lessons are starting to pay off.

– Evan was invited to his first play date with a school friend (Jack J) last Friday. He was a bit nervous about it, but he did great! The weekend fun continued with dinner at cousin Julia’s (it was her birthday Feb 1), and celebration of said birthday at Chuck-E-Cheese on Sunday.

– With all the excitement of the weekend (well, except for the Super Bowl), I must confess I was not too upset when school was cancelled Monday due to the snowstorm that dropped 5-6 inches of wet snow on us. I noticed Evan was mostly just lying around, which is not like him…even after such a busy weekend. Sure enough, he had a fever of 101.5. He perked up after I gave him Tylenol…but the fever came back as soon as the medicine wore off. When he still had a fever the next day, and woke up complaining of a sore throat, I kept him home from school and took him to the doctor. Poor little guy has strep throat :( He’s on antibiotics now and is finally back in school…

Updates on Tucker and Madison:
– I don’t think more than two weeks have gone by in the past few months without me having to go to the vet for one reason or another. Old Man Tucker needed to up his thyroid medicine. Even with supplements, his T4 levels were barely in the normal range. So far, I think it’s helping. Maybe. He hasn’t really perked up from an energy standpoint, but he isn’t growling and snapping at Evan the way he was before we got him on meds.

– The night before my Lasik surgery, Tucker and Madison got into the garbage when I went to get Evan from school. Maybe it was just Madison…it’s hard to say. Unfortunately, we had eaten a rotisserie chicken the night before, and the carcass was in trash. They ate the entire thing…not a bone was left. This is not the first time they ate chicken bones…so I knew that there was nothing much I could do except wait and see what happens. Luckily, they did not choke on the bones (which is the biggest worry). Everything was fine that night and the next morning. We went off to my surgery. When we came home, we could immediately smell it. Diarrhea and vomit was EVERYWHERE. My eyesight still being cloudy, I quickly ended up stepping in it. Poor JP. He had to clean everything up by himself while I went down in the basement and took a much-needed nap. A quick visit to the vet got us the anti-vomiting, anti-diarrhea meds we needed…and all was well after that.

– I have grown accustomed to needing to let Madison out ALL THE TIME, but when the weather is as nasty as it has been this winter – with endless snow and freezing cold temperatures – I couldn’t take getting up to let her out every 15 minutes anymore. She has always been a voracious eater (reference chicken incident above), and I became convinced that she had Cushings (a disease that makes dogs eat and drink a lot). Unfortunately, her test results came back negative…but the vet noted that her urine was extremely dilute…so there was something going on. The next thing to consider was diabetes. Well, after I successfully captured her “first morning pee”, we were able to rule out the two “medical” forms of diabetes. All that was left was something called “Psychogenic Diabetes Insipidus”. It’s either a neurologic thirst-control disorder or a behavioral disorder that causes a dog to over drink. Great. So now Madison is on some “happy pills” in hopes that they correct this problem.

And with that, February is here.

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