Finally settled in to Rumson NJ

My sequel is FINALLY published

Where does the time go? I can’t believe I haven’t posted in nearly a month. Sigh.

Not much new in the Lester Family these days. I’m tired of the winter. I’m tired of the ice and snow. I’m tired of the bitter cold. Had I known this is what I signed up for moving to NJ, I may have reconsidered. Fortunately, the weatherman is predicting a slight warm up in the coming week; we might actually break 50 degrees! Of course, the weatherman is also talking about a chance of snow later in the week, so whatever hints of spring we feel will be short-lived.

The one good thing about the lousy weather is that I FINALLY published the sequel to my debut novel on Amazon. You can find The Stewards of Reed, Volume 2: The Dungeons of Cetahl here:

I used the same cover designer that I used for the first book because she had the original files and was good to work with before. I’m not a big fan of faces on covers, and I had originally intended to just show a hand gripping the cell bars — my cousin Patrick had drawn a really cool looking hand that I hoped she would be able to use — but it proved to be beyond her artistic talents. Oh well. At least the silver eye has some significance to the story…

The ebook version of the first book in the series (The Rise of Fallon) will be free next Friday (3/14) through Sunday (3/16) if you are interested in checking out the series (or know someone who might be). The ebook version of the sequel is $3.99. Unfortunately, I had to raise the price of the paperback to $12.99. Amazon’s publisher (Createspace) has minimum price thresholds that a book must meet in order to be eligible for “expanded distribution” — which gets my books into libraries etc. Since the distribution was free, I couldn’t refuse.

To be honest, I’m not as excited about the publication of this book as I was for the first. I just feel drained. I am also nervous. This book incorporates “dual timelines” — i.e., there is one subplot intertwined through the book that takes place in the past. Ordinarily, authors put time stamps to help orient the reader to where in time the events are taking place, or else they separate the dual timelines into different chapters…but neither of these techniques would work in my book. I tried messing around with different fonts and other subtle indicators for the scenes taking place in the past, but none of them worked to my satisfaction. I will just have to hold my breath and hope that it does not cause confusion for the reader. The majority of characters in that subplot are dead, and the reader is reminded of this in the present-day timelines…so hopefully that will help. I guess only time will tell.

In the meantime, I suppose I should get started on Volume 3. I haven’t finalized the title yet, but I’m leaning towards “The Order of the Ancients.”

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