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May Madness

I don’t remember much of March (yet another sign that I’m getting old) but the month of May was pure madness. I can’t believe it has taken so long for me to post to the blog…but then again, I don’t think I’ve been so non-stop busy for some time.

A quick update on me. I received the results of all my blood tests. Unfortunately (fortunately?) they were all negative. So I cannot blame my weird skin issues on lupus or stomach bacteria or anything else but pure bad (genes) luck. The good news is that I seem to be able to sweat just a tad more now that the winter weather is gone…but it’s still not enough to keep the lobster skin at bay. Oh well. There are definitely worse things in life.

One of the better things that happened this month was that my Grammy came to visit. While she was here, she got to see Evan and Erin swim at the YMCA, she saw Evan do karate, she saw Evan play a little tee-ball, she saw Erin perform in her dance recital, she came with me to many a doctor’s appointment, and she helped me take the dogs for countless walks. It was great having her here. By the end of her stay, my kids were begging to have her take them back with her to Florida for a sleep-over :)

About Erin’s dance recital — this was not your typical school auditorium recital — this was big time. She danced at the Count Basie Theater, a historic theater in Red Bank that attracts world-famous artists. It was complete chaos leading up to the event, and I had serious doubts about whether or not they would be able to pull it off…but it ended up being great. They had a professional videographer tape the performance and a DVD will be forthcoming later on, but here is JP’s video for the time being. [Of course, people had find their seats in the row right in front of us just as Erin’s performance started :/ ].


We were especially touched that my Uncle Tommy, Aunt Peggy and cousin Dori drove down from Rhode Island for the performance. Dori has come a long way since I saw her last. She’s stronger, easier to understand when she talks, and getting much better at swallowing. My kids had lots of fun getting wheeled around in her wheelchair :)
Fam with Dori

Evan finally outgrew his little red bike (his knees were nearly touching the handlebars) so we spent Mother’s Day looking for a new bike for him. He was excited for his big boy bike (it’s blue), but he was also a bit nervous. After several attempts (and several break downs) he figured out how to get started on his bike. He rode it on the sidewalk and turned around just fine. But then we didn’t ride for nearly two weeks. Big mistake. We started back at square one with Evan being especially nervous when it comes to turning. Heaven forbid there is ANYTHING in a 15 foot radius of him when he wants to make that turn. Apparently the saying “it’s like riding a bike” doesn’t apply to Evan. Sigh.

Speaking of bikes, Erin was “caught” riding her bike WITH a helmet by a policeman the other day on our way to pick up Evan from school. He stopped us and gave her a “ticket” for free ice cream at the Crazees. Pretty cool :)


This past weekend was another busy one. Evan’s friend Liam had a pool party for his 6th birthday. His pool is HUGE (and heated…I’d hate to get their summer utility bills). Evan has been doing great at the YMCA — he can easily swim from one end of the pool to the other — so I wasn’t worried about party. But I guess trying to swim in a pool with a bunch of other splashing kids is not the same as taking turns swimming during swim lessons, and Evan freaked out. Not once, but twice, I ended up going into the pool to help Evan. I had my bathing suit on, but I also had a long cover-up on, and needless to say I was soaked. They had a lifeguard at the pool — I was just closer. And truth be told, he didn’t really need help. He was doggy-paddling just fine, but he was scared and shouting for help. Anyway, one of the cool things at the party was that everyone was totally excited to see him. “Evan!” they all shouted (kinda like Norm from Cheers). Also, when it was time for us to leave, his other friends decided it was time for them to leave, too. I guess he’s a big hit at parties :)


Even though his own birthday is two months away, Evan got to celebrate an early “unbirthday” with his classmates this week. Apparently, schools these days want to make sure that everyone gets to celebrate their birthday with their classmates, so kids with summer birthdays get to pick a different day to celebrate theirs. Evan and Erin helped me make brownies for the special event. Evan was reluctant to help at first (he actually wanted to do his homework instead!), but after he got to lick the bowl at the end he changed his tune. Another thing that Evan did recently, on his own accord, was to write and illustrate a book about 3D shapes (they had been learning about 3D shapes in class). His teacher was quite impressed :)


Our new beach club opened this past weekend as well. IT IS AWESOME! The view when you walk in is breathtaking, and our cabana (aptly named the “hooligan haus”) is perfect. The kids beg to go almost every day, and Erin is turning into a little fish. I see lots of happy memories being formed here over the years.

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