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I’ve been thinking of this blog, really I have, but I haven’t just been motivated enough to update. Tucker’s passing hit me pretty hard. He was my #1 fan, he was always there to wag his tail when he saw me, he was always there to snuggle. And now he’s gone.

Madison seems to have adjusted well. She’s liking all the extra attention (and the extra treats) that JP is showering on her. She used to just inhale whatever bone we brought her, but now that she doesn’t have to worry about Tucker stealing said bone, she’s doing things we’ve never seen her do before. Now she actually tries to hide them. She’s tried burying them in the couch, she’s tried hiding them in random boxes and bags. Once she tried to hide it in the bathroom garbage can (needless to say that was a bone she did not recover). She makes a point to sit near me now. If I’m on the computer, she’ll come lay (lie?) on the carpet next to me, as she is now. But she doesn’t snuggle. She doesn’t wag her tail. She’s not Tucker.
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Evan and Erin are slowly adjusting to the back-to-school routine. Erin was clingy for the first week or so, but she’s better now. Now that she’s in Pre-K, Erin gets homework. Believe it or not, she’s actually EXCITED about that. She loves doing everything Evan does. Like karate. She’s passed her first test and she’s now a junior yellow belt :)
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Erin’s finally making some progress pronouncing her “l’s”, so my fingers are crossed that maybe we’ll be able to avoid speech therapy after all. She doesn’t seem to be as far along academically as Evan was at her age (she can’t count to 20 without skipping 13, and she has absolutely NO interest in reading), but she is definitely more coordinated/athletic. It’s fascinating to see the differences between the two.

Evan seems to like 1st grade, but he doesn’t talk about it much. He’s in a “testing his boundaries” phase, and we’ve seen more than our fair share of Cranky-Pants Evan. He gets very upset if he can’t do something perfectly the first time — as in stomp on the floor, throw things, and rant upset. It’s a very annoying phase, and I’m hoping it is short-lived. We enrolled him in soccer this year, and he seems to enjoy the sport, but it isn’t one of his strengths. Ordinarily, when he isn’t good at something, Evan is inclined to quit. But so far he’s stuck with it, and for that I am very proud.
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JP’s been busy with a new business venture idea, and I’ve been busy trying to find full-time employment. I haven’t had to interview for a job since 1999, so this is somewhat unfamiliar territory for me. But I’ve been on the other side of the table quite a bit, and I know what sorts of things I looked for in a candidate, so I’m hoping that will help with my nerves. I have a few interviews lined up for next week, we’ll see if anything comes of it.

I recently finished with my writing side project — a collection of short stories and poems. It was essentially an exercise in procrastination, as I have been reluctant to start on the third book of my fantasy series. The collection is in the hands of an editor now (although she can’t work on it for another month). I’m hoping I’ll be able to publish it before Thanksgiving.

That’s about all that’s happening in the Lester world. Hope all is well in your worlds.

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